Service Solutions

Backup Equipment and Features

Each Mobile DC Power Services Unit is fully equipped with state-of-the-art power and ancillary safety equipment to quickly provide comprehensive DC services for both planned and unplanned site outages. This heavy-duty mobile trailer is engineered to completely support and back up your facility’s critical infrastructure and can be easily mobilized to provide on-site services where and when you need them. Equipment include: DC battery charger, VRLA battery string, Albér® BCT-2000/256 test set, Albér® battery load banks, sensor lead cables, and monitoring, with configurable battery units to accommodate multiple strings and voltages.

Power Transfer

The Mobile DC Power Services Unit is custom designed and factory engineered to ensure dependable, convenient temporary power during NERC-required DC system maintenance. Power transfer system includes: Color-coded cable system for accurate connections every time, six, 25-foot 4/O cables with Anderson connectors for superior capabilities and ease of connection, heavy-duty cable trays with cable tray struts and lead cable hooks for dependable cable system management, multi-colored voltage selectors to support various power requirements, and voltage meters to monitor voltages between the primary power source and backup power.

Battery and UPS Maintenance, Upgrade and Replacement

With the Mobile DC Power Services Unit, the battery specialists at ERS can confidently perform all required battery and UPS inspections, tests, and replacement services at a plant or facility. With the industry’s most reliable power solution, customers gain peace of mind knowing that their critical infrastructure is protected throughout the maintenance process.


  • More reliable, temporary power fully supports your operations during required battery maintenance
  • Minimized business interruptions occur during maintenance as the critical load is fully supported by the mobile power solution
  • Ensured NERC/FERC compliance is achieved as required testing is performed at your site by regulatory experts
  • Improved safety results from the mobile unit’s built-in features designed to protect personnel and your business


  • Our DC Power Services specialist will deliver the Mobile DC Power Services Unit to your facility's doorstep. They are experienced in setting up mobile backup power to ensure uninterrupted power
  • DC Power experts perform all required battery and UPS inspections, tests, and replacement services at a plant or facility
  • Deep infrastructure expertise across the entire electrical system from generation and transmission to distribution and secondary distribution infrastructures

  • Technical knowledge base from 100,000 completed projects supporting ~400,000 pieces of equipment
  • Superior safety ratings, safe work practices, and award-winning safety programs
  • Nationwide staff of registered professional engineers
  • Knowledgable in national, state, and local standard and code requirements
  • State-of-the-art equipment and diagnostic software and tools
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