Global Manufacturing: Conducting Arc Flash Study to Ensure Equipment Compliance

Knowledge of facility and safety standards enable compliance

With a heightened focus on safety, a global manufacturing facility needed to quickly execute an arc flash study project that would bring their equipment up to safety standards.


Case Summary
Business Issues:​
  • Need to meet safety compliance
  • Need for arc flash study completed on equipment
  • Need for arc flash expertise and experience
  • Need to meet established deadlines
Solution Provided:
  • ERS had the existing knowledge and familiarity of the customer's facilities
  • Customer's confidence in ERS's experience and expertise from past projects
  • Our team established a project schedule that met the customer's required time line
Project Results:
  • The customer's equipment was tested and brought up to meet required safety standards
  • All project timelines were met
  • This long-time customer continues to be satisfied with service quality and is looking to partner with ERS again in the future.

Services Provided to Customer

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