Data Center Customer: Ensuring Covid-19 Safety while Meeting Project Deadlines

Keeping batteries and UPSs up and running amidst a pandemic

Working collaboratively with a data center customer in the southeast, ERS delivered on and met the required time frame and safety requirements.


Case Summary
Business Issues:​
  • Need to replace 800+ batteries, capacitors, and fans within 4 UPS units
  • Need to ensure COVID19 safety protocols were met
  • Need to have qualified technicians to ensure all industry standards and compliance are addressed
  • Need to get the project completed within a set timeframe
Solution Provided:
  • Partnering with this data center customer, ERS developed a solution that met their specific safety needs while ensuring the project was executed on time.
  • Our customer vetted our technicians' experience and expertise in DC services and was confident in our team's background, skills and capabilities.
  • Our team established a project schedule that met the customer's required time line.
  • Our team provided additional resources to meet the customer's COVID19 safety requirements.
Project Results:
  • All 800+ batteries, capacitors, and fans were successfully replaced and operational.
  • The customer's battery system is now online and compliant.
  • All project execution timelines were met.
  • The customer is satisfied and looking to partner with ERS again in the future.

Services Provided to Customer

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