EV Chargers and Power Quality

How Can EV Chargers Impact Power Distribution Systems?

Non-linear loads from EV chargers may induce power quality issues within a power distribution system.

  • The increase in power consumption can cause higher distribution loss, higher harmonic distortion, and voltage drops.
  • Converting AC to DC creates power quality challenges by introducing harmonics. Harmonics can alter the electrical wave shape which can lower the power quality in the grid.
  • Harmonic currents in switchgear will increase heating, reduce steady-state ampacity, and degrade insulating components.
  • Harmonics can cause protective relays to malfunction, causing them to trip at the wrong values.

Learn more about our power quality studies and harmonic analysis by visiting our Engineering Services page.

Service Solutions

Switchgear Acceptance Testing

Switchgear consists of circuit breakers, fuses, switches, and relays, all of which are essential for the safe and reliable operation of your EV electrical infrastructure. Faults can occur from an overload or a short circuit. Switchgear maintenance ensures your components can detect a fault scenario when it happens.

ERS will verify your switchgear equipment has integrity and the ability to effectively support 100% of the rated load in normal operations and can provide overload and short-circuit protection per design documents. Our team of experts will perform services, in accordance with the InterNational Electrical Testing Association Standard for Acceptance Testing Specifications (ANSI/NETA ATS).

Engineering Studies

Power system engineering studies can help you avoid accidents, productivity losses, and determine the presence and location of potential hazards. Some engineering service solutions we offer are:

  • Arc flash studies
  • Power quality studies and harmonic analysis
  • Grounding studies
  • Single-line diagrams
  • Short circuit and coordination studies
  • Power factor studies
  • System logic and control settings

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Emergency Response Services

Unexpected failures pose serious hazards. It is critical for your emergency plan to include a recovery partner that can deliver emergency response electrical services, from damage assessment and inspection to equipment repair, refurbishment, and replacement. ERS has the experience and resources available to get your electrical system up and running quickly, ensuring a safe, reliable return to operation. Learn more.

Ongoing & Preventive Maintenance

As a founding member of NETA, we understand maintenance is critical to the operation and optimal performance of your EV electrical infrastructure system. Maintenance testing services help to ensure power reliability 24x7, improve power quality, and reduce overall maintenance costs throughout the lifecycle of the power system supporting your EV network. Below are some of the maintenance tests and services we provide:

  • Preventive maintenance testing
  • Protective relay testing
  • Maintenance management
  • Predictive maintenance & partial discharge testing
  • Circuit breaker maintenance testing
  • Troubleshooting, repair and parts

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