Service Solutions

Maintenance Testing

Routine preventive maintenance maximizes electrical system performance and reliability. Services include electrical equipment inspection and testing in accordance with the InterNational Electrical Testing Association Standard for Maintenance Testing Specifications (ANSI/NETA MTS).

Turnarounds and Outages

Plant turnarounds constitute your single largest maintenance expense. Part of ensuring a successful turnaround is controlling the time and cost associated with the outage, while making sure your assets get the service needed to continue performing safely and reliably. Smart Turnarounds and outage services can help you make the most of planned maintenance time.

DC Power Maintenance & Testing

Developing the right maintenance strategy for your DC power system requires consideration of many factors to build the best maintenance plan for your system. Environmental conditions, operating frequency, and the criticality of the equipment and operations your system supports will all have an impact.


  • Enhanced electrical distribution system reliability is due to regular preventive maintenance of all electrical assets
  • Less unplanned downtime occurs as problems are detected and addressed prior to an outage

  • Improved power quality is achieved when cables and bus are installed and maintained properly
  • Better capital expenditure planning is possible with information gleaned from inspection findings and test results


  • Deep infrastructure expertise across the entire electrical system from generation and transmission to distribution and secondary distribution infrastructures
  • Technical knowledge base from 100,000 completed projects supporting ~400,000 pieces of equipment
  • Documented quality program to ensure standardized and consistent service delivery everywhere you operate
  • Superior safety ratings, safe work practices, and award-winning safety programs
  • Industry-leading customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score
  • Nationwide staff of registered professional engineers
  • A leader in staffing Level 3 & 4 NETA-Certified technicians
  • Longevity of qualified technical resources

  • Founding member of InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA)
  • Participate and lead standards development including NFPA, IEEE, and NETA
  • Customer resolution center available 24x7x365 for emergency support
  • Comprehensive test equipment calibration program
  • Standardized data acquisition tool deployed across our global service organization, ensuring consistent, standardized data collection across each equipment type anywhere in the world
  • State-of-the-art equipment and diagnostic software and tools
  • Easy-to-read technical reports, compatible with NFPA and NETA standards
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