Service Solutions

Electrical planning services

These services help you proactively evaluate and plan a strategy to meet your electrical system requirements to avoid financial loss due to costly rework, redesign or project delays. Our engineers are well-versed in conducting impact and power studies to ensure the power quality you require can be achieved. Potential issues can be addressed before costly investments are made in unnecessary, or incorrect, equipment and resources. Specific electrical planning services include:

  • Electrical feasibility assessment and modeling
  • Electrical system impact modeling
  • Power factor study
  • Power quality study
  • Photovoltaic interconnection modeling
  • Commissioning services
Electrical engineering and design

Thorough evaluation and analysis of your electrical capabilities ensures your renewable energy plans are designed for optimum capacity. For better system insight to support project planning, our experts collect critical information regarding design redundancy, protection scheme configuration, relay settings, and potential safety hazards. Engineering and design services include:

  • Power system study
  • Relay design and integration
  • Arc flash study
  • Load flow analysis
  • NERC compliance
  • Engineering evaluation
  • Engineering drawings
Grid and storage integration services

Grid integration services ensure that the electrical components of your renewable project are safely interconnected and are compliant with power reliability standards. Our engineers and technicians have extensive experience with the following services that direct power to and from the grid and help customers avoid system disruptions:

  • Acceptance testing (switchgear, inverters, relay, transformers, and interconnects)
  • Acceptance testing for power transfer on and off the grid
  • Conformity services (solar bus taps)
  • Field inspection of custom equipment
  • Battery integration
  • Compliance programs and training services
Electrical maintenance services

Regular inspection and testing provide you with the information needed to understand the current health of your electrical systems and help prevent unplanned downtime. Our NETA-certified technicians perform the following maintenance services to ensure your systems are operating per the latest safety and compliance standards:

  • Preventive maintenance testing
  • Predictive maintenance testing
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Arc flash studies
  • Battery maintenance
Performance optimization services

These services protect your investments by ensuring your electrical systems are performing at their optimal levels. Getting the most out of your system means extending equipment service life and maximizing productivity.

  • Battery replacements
  • Recommissioning
  • Monitoring services
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Retrofit services


At Electrical Reliability Services (ERS), we understand renewable energy projects are complex and poor planning can result in high costs and significant delays. We can help you navigate project complexities, deliver on safety and compliance, and boost reliability and cost savings. ERS offers services for each phase of your renewable project. Here are some of the benefits our service can offer:

  • Minimize costly re-work, re-design, and project delays
  • Ensure reliability and avoid disruption of the national grid
  • Comply with regulatory requirements and standards
  • Avoid unplanned downtime
  • Optimize system performance
  • Get projects operational quickly for faster ROI
  • Ensure power resiliency
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