Service Solutions

Commissioning Services

The successful operation of a transformer is dependent on proper design, installation, and startup. Our services will verify that equipment has been properly installed to ensure reliable operation. Highly qualified personnel will use a variety of technologies and tests to ensure safe and reliable operations.

Diagnostic Testing Services

Our full range of transformer diagnostic testing services are used to confirm the transformer’s ability to function properly and to reduce the chance of failure. These tests include: IDAX Testing, SWEEP Frequency Response Analysis (FRAX), and Leakage Reactant Testing.

Transformer Preventive Maintenance Services

Fluids and oils circulate in large power transformers to insulate them from high voltage stresses. They contaminate easily due to leaky seals and corrosion. A rigorous preventive maintenance program that purifies and filters these fluids over the life of the equipment will increase reliability and performance. Advanced mobile oil processing equipment provides vacuum, filtration, degasification, and dehydration of fluids/oils to restore optimum dielectric strength, viscosity, and insulation characteristics.

Emergency Services

ERS offers 24x7 on-site emergency service when it is needed. Our emergency services include: Transformer leak repair, Complete transformer gasket replacement, Spill cleanup/recovery, and Fault analysis.


  • Improved electrical system reliability through routine inspection and maintenance
  • More cost-effective testing and maintenance is achieved as analysis of transformer performance identifies signs of impending failure which helps prioritize spending
  • Fewer unplanned outages and costly business disruptions result from ongoing data collection and trending that informs decisions regarding electrical assets
  • Fewer emergency repairs are needed when transformers and related equipment are regularly inspected and serviced


  • Experienced ANSI/NETA-certified field engineers and technicians
  • Full portfolio of transformer services from commissioning to ongoing maintenance so we can support all your transformer needs
  • State of the art equipment and rigs
  • Nationwide service coverage
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